Bad eyebrows is a term no one wants to hear especially if it relates to semi permanent or permanent brows or Microblading gone wrong. Cosmetic brow make-up can be easily wiped away, however eyebrow tattoo removal and microblading removal is not quite as simple.

At the time Redeem Clinic entered the market of Microblading and semi permanent make-up there were only a handful of experienced micropigmentation technicians in the country. Now there are thousands of technicians, ranging from highly experienced technicians to tattooists having a go to new technicians building a portfolio. The very vast majority of treatments carried out by professional practitioners give truly realistic and beautiful brows, yet regrettably more and more these days we see semi permanent make-up treatments turn into permanent treatments, misshapen brows, brows changing colour and brows that never suited the client’s face frame from the off. The internet is rife with bad eyebrow and microblading gone wrong photos and stories with people looking for a resolution to their problems.

An image showing four photographs over microblading removal

As well as specialising in micropigmentation treatments, Redeem clinic also specialise in tattoo removal that  includes eyebrow tattoo removal and microblading removal. Redeem Clinic reputedly are the most comprehensive tattoo removal clinic in the region, offering  four forms of tattoo removal, ND yag laser removal, Ruby laser removal, Pico laser removal and Rejuvi treatment removal. Combine this with our knowledge within the micropigmentation business then Redeem have quickly become the ‘go to’ business for clients who have experienced  a bad eyebrows procedure and are looking for highly professional eyebrow tattoo removal or microblading removal solutions.

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Our number one treatment for our ‘microblading gone wrong’ clients is laser removal using our lower powered ND yag laser. The skin around our bodies varies and requires different solutions when considering tattoo removal and this is no different when it comes to eyebrow tattoo removal and microblading removal. The skin to the brow area can be quite thin and using a laser with too much energy can result in high levels of trauma to the brow area, consequently we do not use our Ruby laser for the removal of bad eyebrows. Although our Pico laser is more than capable also at eyebrow tattoo removal costs usually exclude clients from choosing this option especially considering ND yag laser removal is more than capable in the very vast majority of microblading removal requirements.

An image showing the removal of bad eyebrow tattoo

Unlike traditional tattoos, technicians trained in microblading and semi permanent make-up treatments tend not to enter the pigments too deeply into the skin and in this manner more often than not eyebrow tattoo removal and microblading removal require far fewer laser treatments than standard tattoos. That said, if a tattooist has attempted to apply tattooed brows without the correct training and equipment then these bad eyebrows can often take as long as a traditional tattoo to be removed.

In reality, it is often not necessary to remove 100% of the bad pigment to the brow area in order to achieve the shape, realism or results the client originally desired. Many clients look to fade their bad eyebrows back to a level that can then be re-worked by a highly skilled and professional micropigmentation technician. This is where clients can also benefit from using Redeem Clinic as we are as professional and expert at removing bad eyebrows as we are at then re-applying brows that are the perfect shape and as beautifully natural or high-end make-up look as the client originally desired in the first place.

An image showing microbladiing removal treatment

As well as bad shape, level and balance issues incurred by clients looking for brow removal, many have also experienced colour change to their brows due to the use of poor quality pigments by their technician. Again these pigments in the very vast majority of cases can be removed using ND yag laser. This laser is more than capable of removing blacks, red, blues and brown pigments.

Some worry that laser will remove any remaining brow hair as well as the brow pigment, as laser is used for hair removal. The lasers used for pigment removal differ from that of hair removal and do not reach the hair follicle depth. Lasers have to effect/damage the hair follicle in order to prevent the hair from re-growing. ND yag and Pico lasers only target the tattooed pigment and not the hair follicle and hence do not prevent hair from re-growing or remove hair.

An image showing brow tattoo removal with new, superior brows

At Redeem Clinic we utilise either medical grade metal eye protector or uniquely designed laser proof eye patches when performing laser eyebrow tattoo removal .  As we do not deem it safe to simply utilise standard protection laser goggles. With the proximity to the eye and the angle the laser often has to work at then goggles could let laser light creep through. We never take risks with our clients’ health and welfare and ultimately therefore only always use the highest grade equipment afforded to us.

At Redeem Clinic we do not utilise saline permanent make-up removal treatments as although these treatments are often advertised as a form of microblading removal they only allegedly work at the application stage of the original treatment. We have never seen a saline permanent make-up removal process that has 100% removed a ‘microblading gone wrong’ treatment and indeed have seen many clients that have had this treatment and then sought us out afterwards for their laser brow removal.  As we have never had a client that has requested removal of a semi permanent or permanent brow treatment carried out by ourselves then we have never had to employ a saline permanent makeup removal process at the time of the original brow treatment.

A photo showing stages of eyebrow tattoo removal treatment

Although our professional laser removal technicians only operate from within our Hull clinic, actually the majority of our clients choose to travel from outside the region to utilise their exacting standards. You may also want to see our Microblading Eyebrows page should you be considering re-application following our successful removal of your ‘microblading gone wrong’ treatment. Want to learn some more about our eye tattoo removal and microblading removal services and meet the team? Then why not contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.