An eyeliner tattoo seems a scary prospect to most people, yet in truth these semi permanent eyeliner or permanent eyeliner treatments when applied in a safe and professional manner can save hours of unwanted time in front of the mirror, guarantee smudge free eyeliner and make life a whole lot easier.

Many people often find eyeliner make-up tricky to apply. Application can become very frustrating, particularly when it does not last the day. With semi permanent eyeliner treatments at Redeem Clinic, clients can enjoy perfectly applied eyeliner that lasts all day and all night!

Semi permanent eyeliner opens, brightens and widens the eye area, and also gives the illusion of voluminous and thick lashes, reducing the need for eyelash extensions.

At Redeem Clinic, we precisely apply the client’s eyeliner using the specialist micropigmentation technique, not traditional eyeliner tattoo methods, to match their colour of choice as well as making it as subtle or striking as the client wishes. Permanent eyeliner makeup stays perfect no matter what life throws at you and lasts from 2-5 years.

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Water proof eyeliner is one of the most sought after eyeliners in the market place, yet have you truly ever experienced a water proof eyeliner that never to runs or smudges? Redeem Clinic’s semi permanent eyeliner and permanent eyeliner treatments offer you everything the water proof eyeliner cosmetics promise yet with a 100% guarantee that your eyeliner will never run or smudge. Imagine being able to swim in the sea/pool, cry your eyes out in front of a film or simply carry out your daily washing regime with the knowledge that your water proof eyeliner from Redeem Clinic will never leave you with those embarrassing make-up flaws ever again.


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Many clients have concerns about safety and pain when it comes to semi permanent eyeliner. As experts in the field and having treated 1000s of clients to date, you can rest assured that since starting the practice in 2011, Redeem Clinic technicians have never incurred a single problem in relation to safety to the eye area (or anywhere else for that matter) when treating clients with semi permanent eyeliner. Also, as with all treatments, Redeem Clinic technicians use specialist anaesthetics that ensure the vast majority of their clients feel nothing at all and for the odd one or two clients that do then they have described this as mild discomfort and never painful.

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Our specialist digital micropigmentation equipment is not that used within the traditional eyeliner tattoo process. Utilising digital micropigmentation equipment ensures a very fine needle can be expertly set at a perfect depth that mitigated the risk of scaring to the eyeliner area, whilst ensuring the pigments do not blur or bleed into the skin. Traditional Eyeliner tattoo gun needles are often in excess of ten times as thick as the needles we use and have no way of controlling the depth that needle enter the skin, the latter therefore often resulting in scarring, with permanent blurred effect eyeliner.

When it come to our semi permanent, waterproof eyeliner treatments our clients can have a choice of having the treatment applied to either the bottom eyelids, top eyelids or both. Please see our FAQs and Price page in relation to further details regarding this service.

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