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Are you new to the world of Micropigmentation, then we suspect you’ll have a few questions such as, “ What is Microblading ? ”, “ How long does Microblading last ? ” , “Does Microblading Hurt”, “ How much is Microblading ? (semi permanent makeup cost ?)

Making the right choice of Microblading or semi-permanent make-up treatment and practitioner is essential to ensuring a high quality service that lasts and is right for you.

We have answered many of these common questions below. If you still have further questions, then we highly recommend that you come for a FREE, no obligation consultation. No pressure sales, its not what we’re about, just honest, informative advise. Alternatively, simply send us an email or webform from the contact us page and we’ll be happy to respond.

What is microblading and semi permanent make-up is one of the most commonly asked questions in the industry.

Micropigmentation treatments such as microblading and semi permanent makeup involve a procedure which introduces quality, coloured pigments into the Skin. This goes into the sub-dermal layer and epidermal layer of the skin.

Patients are given topical anaesthetic to numb the skin and, after the anaesthetic takes effect, the therapy can begin.

These pigments can be applied in such a way as to replicate natural brow hairs. They fill lips with colour to give a true alternative to lipstick or can be inserted into the eye line area to negate the tricky application of eyeliner makeup for years to come .

The technique relies on a highly-trained practitioner’s skilled use of digital precision needles (semi permanent make-up) or hand tool application equipment (microblading) that introduces advanced colour pigments into the upper layer of the skin.

These pigments are “permanent” compared with normal cosmetics but semi-permanent in that, as the skin gradually replaces itself, they’ll fade over time yet more than often last for several years in the future.

How long does microblading take usually relies on the area being treated and the type of treatment requested.

The most common microblading and semi permanent makeup treatment procedures are brow treatments. These vary from powdered effect brows to 3D hair by hair brow treatments.

For clients who have no brow hair remaining there is obviously a need for a higher degree of work to be carried out and these treatments naturally take a little longer.

Some treatments can be carried out in a single sitting whilst others require two sittings (4 weeks apart) to complete the procedure.

Below is a rough estimate advising “How long does microblading take?” per procedure.

  • Standard Powdered Brow SPMU procedure 1hr-1.5hrs
  • Standard Hair by Hair SPMU Brow procedure 1hr-1.5hrs
  • 3D Hair by Hair SPMU Brow procedure 2hrs-2.5hr ( two sittings)
  • Standard Hair by Hair Microblading Brow procedure 1.5hrs-2.5hr ( two sittings)
  • 3D Hair by Hair SPMU Microblading procedure 2hrs-2.5hr ( two sittings)
  • Eyeliner top or bottom 1hr
  • Eyeliner top and bottom 1hr-1.5hrs
  • Lip liner 1hr
  • Lip Blush 1hr-1.5hrs
  • Both Lip liner and Lip Blush 1hr-2hrs

Procedure time includes time for anesthetics to be applied and numbing time needed prior to starting the treatment.

Sometimes, for many reasons, eyebrows, eyes, lips and other features benefit from “replacement” or accentuation. For example, your eyebrows have become sparse through over-plucking, or have completely disappeared due to alopecia. In these situations, microblading or semi permanent make-up in the instance of eyebrows could be the answer.

Or maybe your eyes would benefit from the enhanced definition of semi-permanent eye make-up or your lips from the shaping provided by semi-permanent lip make-up?

In each case, just one visit and treatment at our conveniently located salons can make a huge difference.

No need to worry about whether your make-up will smudge or run, no need to spend hours in front of the mirror applying perfect make-up and no need worry about ‘shaking hand’ or poor eyesight when attempting to apply eyeliners etc.

Micoblading and semi permanent make-up treatments with Redeem Clinic resolve all these issues.

The most common answer to the question “How long does microblading last?” you’ll find coming back from within the industry is 2-5 years.

Both microblading and semi permanent make-up treatments may sometimes be considered permanent since the implanted pigment cannot be washed off.

In time, fading will occur and some or all of the colour will need to be reapplied. Redeem Clinic recommends a top up after 18 months to boost colour and definition.

The duration of 2-5 years varies many due to factors outside the control of the practitioner, such as oily skin type, high exposure to UV light, use of cleansers/exfoliates, age of client and other factors. All of this can have an effect on how long the microblading or semi permanent makeup treatments last.

There is a misconception that because some other clinics actually tattoo brows and the cost of some eyebrow tattooing is less than semi permanent makeup then brows that last a lifetime must be better. As we know nearly all tattoos will blur and give a bleed effect over time. Not only that but as we age our facial skin starts to change shape and in these cases so will your eyebrows. This is why we always recommend semi permanent only.

It should be noted however than on the rare occasion some clients can experience a permanent shadow effect, especially in reference to microblading treatments. The shadowing is very much as it sounds, some of the pigment that enters the sub-dermal lower levels of the skin can remain on the odd occasion leaving soft, usually subtle pigment effect to the treated area. This said, in the very vast majority of cases pigmentation will fade back to only leave the natural skin colour.

The simple answer is “yes”, in the vast majority of cases you can have the coloured pigments you desire. There is a wide range of colours and shades so whether you have blonde, red or brunette hair, there will be a colour to closely match your shade. We naturally also have various coloured pigments for both lip treatment and eyeliner treatments for you to choose from.

With both our microblading and semi permanent make-up treatments clients on the whole report that they experience no pain at all because of the local anaesthetic applied before and during the treatment. For others it can be a little uncomfortable depending on the individual’s pain threshold.


At worst it is generally understood to be no more painful than having your eyebrows plucked. As well as being applied before treatment, we apply anaesthetic creams throughout treatment to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

We recognise however that as individuals we all have different levels of pain threshold. Consequently, when asked ‘Does microblading hurt ?’ our general face to face words of comfort are quite simply ‘Of the 1000’s of clients we have treated to date we have never had to stop a procedure due to the client discomfort’.

If your still worried about ‘Does Microblading Hurt’, then why not come for a FREE consultation or ask use to refer some clients so you can question then on their experience with us?

Yes. Redeem technicians follow the strictest hygiene and sterilisation standards and new, pre-packed, sterile cartridges are used for each client. No chemicals are used – only minerals and glycerine – and clients are given an allergy test prior to treatment.

One of the advantages of semi permanent make-up and the majority of microblading treatments is that, unlike eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos or eyeliner tattoos the treatment is not permanent so in years to come should you decide to revert to your natural look then this is perfectly achievable.

Anyone and everyone who desires a natural enhancement and freedom from the daily application of make-up. You may choose microblading or semi permanent make-up if one of the following applies to you:

  • Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all of their facial hair including eyebrows or eyelashes
  • Chemotherapy patients who may lose facial hair would benefit from semi permanent make-up before or after treatment
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up
  • People with unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up through Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or other conditions
  • Anyone who may suffer allergies with conventional make-up
  • Professional women, entertainers, media figures, models, actresses and others

Redeem Clinic has provided microblading and semi permanent make-up treatments to thousands of happy clients since we were established in 2011. Some examples of people who would benefit from our treatments are given above but this is only a small selection of those who have seen their confidence boosted by Redeem Clinic.

If you would like further advice on what microblading or semi permanent make-up can do for you, please contact us to arrange a FREE, no obligation consultation. For impartial comments from just some of our delighted clients, take a look at the testimonials page and judge for yourself.

You may resume your normal activities straight after treatment. There may be slight swelling or redness on the area where the treatment has been applied but this will go down quickly. The treated area will always appear darker and more exact immediately after the treatment but this will lighten and soften over the next few days. There may be slight flaking over the treated area during healing.

Your 3D semi permanent make-up or microblading treatment may need a touch-up visit a month after the initial application of pigment to adjust shape, colour or density. We recommend that you return to the clinic every 18 months for further possible top-ups, yet maintenance on a whole is minimal. Other guidelines for getting the best from your permanent make-up will be given during your consultation or treatment period.


  • The treated area will be more exact, dark and intense when first treated.
  • The skin will take 2 to 7 days to return to normal.
  • It is normal to lose one third of the new colour during this initial period.
  • Always use a sunscreen on make-up to prevent colour change and loss.
  • Keep the area clean and free from infection until the skin has healed

Redeem Clinic pride themselves in offering excellent value for both their microblading and semi permanent cosmetic treatments. 

Our treatments are performed by some of the industry’s most experienced technicians using the highest quality equipment and materials.

With such exacting standards and reputation you’d expect prices to be at the high end of the market, however our business is built around our ethos of ‘affordable excellence’. In this manner we feel our microblading costs and semi permanent makeup cost truly reflect exceptional value for money treatments.

So how much is microblading and semi permanent makeup cost with Redeem Clinic? Our standard price tariff is as below. Please however remember to keep a look out for Redeem special offers via our blog  pages and our social media. If you’re looking for multi treatments i.e brows and eyeliner together etc then we offer special discount rates that can be obtained on request on our contact us page.

Redeem Clinic Prices

Consultations 30 mins  – FREE

Patch test – £15


Semi permanent make-up brows hair by hair – £259

Semi permanent make-up brows powder effect brows – £299

Microbladed hair by hair/ 3D brows –  £299 (2 sittings)

Semi permanent makeup 3D brows – £299 (2 sittings)

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Eyeliner top or bottom – £199

Eyeliner top and bottom – £259

Semi Permanent Lip Makeup

Lip liner – £259

Lip blush and lip liner – £299

Top up Costs

Brow top up prior to 12 months – £129*

Brow top up 12-18 months – £159*

Eyebrow top up 18-month onward – £199*

* Existing clients only


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Please note we reserve the right to change our Microblading and semi permanent makeup cost at any time.