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Microblading lips is a lesser-known treatment within the micropigmentation and beauty world. Just like your eyes, your lips are a very striking feature on your face. Not everyone is blessed with naturally full, luscious lips, yet thankfully there is now the option of restoring and boosting your youthful pout with our Microblading lips treatment. Lips can be made fuller and given a more defined outline which recreates or gives you that look you have always been looking for.

Often referred to as a lip tattoo, microblading lips is ultimately a semi permanent lip tattoo that can last between 2-3 years. With one of the most searched for terms in relation to lipstick being ‘lipstick that stays on’ then Redeem Clinic fully believe that if you are one of the people looking for ‘lipstick that stays on’ then there truly is no better solution than our semi permanent lipstick treatments.

Microblading lips before and after

Photo showing before and after lip tattoo
A photo showing lip liner before and after
A photo showing lip color tattoo
A photo showing lip blush tattoo
A photo showing lip colour tattoo
Another photo showing lip blush tattoo
A photo showing lip tattoo before and after
A photo showing lip liner color
A photo showing lip liner colour
A photo showing lip tattoo makeup
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A photo hsowing permanent lipstick
A photo showing permanent lipliner
A photo showing semi permanent lip tattoo
A photo showing microblading lips
A photo showing permanent lip blush
A photo showing permanent lip stain
A photo showing Microblading lips Hull
A photo showing semi permanent lips
before after lip tattoo
lip liner before after
lip color tattoo
lip blush tattoo
lip colour tattoo
lip blush tattoo
lip tattoo before after
lip liner color
lip liner colour
lip tattoo makeup
lip tattoo price
permanent lipstick
permanent lipliner
semi permanent lip tattoo
microblading lips
permanent lip blush
permanent lip stain
Microblading lips Hull
semi permanent lips
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Microblading lips can correct any shape or symmetry concerns a client may have as well as giving the illusion of plumping the lip area. Imperfections or scarring can often be corrected with this fabulous lip tattoo and micropigmentation treatment. Clients can either choose an outline that can be easily applied to give great shape that can then be infilled with the client’s semi permanent lipstick colour of choice.

The lip tattoo treatment can be applied more boldly for a more glamorous, overall look. Gentle shading can be introduced also to the inner lips to give the illusion of a strong, plumped look without the need for fillers or invasive surgery. With semi permanent lipstick make-up, there is no need to always have that lipstick at hand or to constantly reapply it. However, if you would like to change your look from time to time, normal lipstick can easily be applied over the lip tattoo area.

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The very vast majority of semi permanent lipstick treatments carried out within Redeem Clinic use the digital needle/machine method over and above that of traditional hand tool microblading methods. The lips are a delicate and sensitive area of the body and often direct microblading, with its cutting method of application is too aggressive, which can result in scaring as well as seeing some of the pigment becoming permanent especially when applied as a lip liner.

The more subtle method of ensuring a semi permanent lipstick appearance is to use the needle method utilised by the electronic micropigmentation machines found within Redeem Clinic.

A photograph of a female client having microblading lips treatment

Highly trained staff, with years of experience, true hygiene focused clinics and an ethic that always puts our clients first. This has ensured we see as many clients through referral as they do for clients that search the web ‘for lipstick that stays on’. We love this fact and hope one day you can be that clients that gives us that referral also.

A female client looking at the results of microblading lips treatment

Our permanent lipstick and semi permanent makeup treatments don’t only extend to lips, please also see our Microblading Eyebrows and Eyeliner Tattoo pages. Not quite sure micropigmentation services are for you? Then why not see our FAQs and Prices page to allay any concerns and set your path onto a less time consuming, smudge free, beauty enhanced future.

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