We are proud to be the leading clinic in the Yorkshire Region for microblading eyebrows and semi permanent makeup eyebrows (often called Eyebrow tattoo or tattooed brows) .  

Our client satisfaction levels for our microblading eyebrows are so high that many travel some distance to our clinics. We even have some who fly in from abroad!

Traditional eyebrow cosmetics can be very costly and usually last only for a very short time. Semi permanent makeup eyebrows and microblading eyebrows helps you to save time and gain the appearance you desire.

With such services there’s no need to spend time and money on make-up routines that only provide temporary results. The average semi permanent makeup eyebrows  or microblading eyebrows last 2-5 years.

The eyebrow is the most prominent feature on the face, giving expression, warmth and depth. Models and celebrities show us that perfectly defined eyebrows give the complexion a groomed, fresh and youthful appearance.

Eyebrows give shape and definition to your face. Well constructed semi permanent eyebrow treatments can often have that illusion of the much-desired facelift and younger features.

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As times goes by, most eyebrows will become patchy and thin due to over-plucking, ill-health or simply because of ageing. Some people have naturally sparse brows, whilst others may suffer from total loss due to alopecia or cancer treatments.

Our brow treatments can be life transforming for almost all age groups and we’re proud to have treated 1000’s of satisfied customers to date. Our clients from 18yrs to our oldest to date of 87yrs year of age.

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With semi permanent eyebrow and microblading eyebrows services, Redeem Clinic creates the appearance of natural brows, hair by hair. 3D re-shaping results are incredibly realistic and natural-looking. The results for those clients who have lost their brows can be simply overwhelming.

As ever with semi permanent make-up and tattooed brows, you are guaranteed that your make-up will never run or smudge. Leaving you with perfect brows day in, day out, be it at work, at the gym, in the pool or when you are out for the evening.

semi permanent eyebrow .

The term Microbladed brows was relatively unknown until it entered modern vocabulary as recently as 2015. Microbladed brows were born out of the semi permanent eyebrow market that has been around for a couple of decades.

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When Redeem Clinic entered the market, the only recognised form of micro-pigmentation for brows was via the ultilisation of digital/electronic equipment. This was costly and involved intense training to perfect the method of semi permanent eyebrow treatments.

Having become experts in the market over several years, we saw the emerging market of Tattooed Brows / Microbladed brows as a very similar practice to that they already implemented, yet one that only used hand tools and required much less of a learning curve. Due to this the industry exploded with practitioners, marketing themselves as eyebrow tattoo technicians. Given the history, knowledge base and expertise of our technicians within this field the business chose to add these skills to their repertoire. They became the first company in the region to offer both semi permanent eyebrows and microbladed brow treatments.

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Our Micoblading and Semi permanent makeup treatments don’t only extend to brows. Please see our Microblading Lips and Eyeliner Tattoo pages. Want to know what our clients think, then why not visit our Testimonials page too?

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